Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, Bring it on! What my goals are for this year.

Embarking on a new year always invokes a new set of idealistic hopes, desires, goals and more.  
Yes, we all want a fresh start and to successfully do the things we said we were going to do last year!  Why not bask in euphoric feeling of creating new resolutions that we have been anxiously dying to accomplish, but just haven't made it happen.  It is a bit cliché to have these resolutions year after year and maybe we will or maybe we won't stick to them, but I believe in doing what I say I will do, so I start off each year giving my goals my full attention.
I'm excited to share all of my goals and this serves as a way of holding myself accountable, in making sure that my actions do speak louder than words.  For a great tool to help us stay accountable, please check out
My very own brother, Adam, created this concept and website and it is an amazingly, powerful instrument to help anyone reach their goals. 

These are my main goals & resolutions stated as affirmations:

1.  I am a better person everyday, because I do things that make others feel good or happy.
i.e.  Make people laugh, actively listen and thoughtfully respond, call my family more often, tell people what I appreciate about them...
2.  I choose activities and habits that keep me feeling healthy, energetic and balanced.
i.e.  Eat a healthy diet, exercise, drink tons of water, get lots of rest, laugh a lot, keep organized, keep house clean, spend more time loving my furry kids
3.  I work hard at developing better and more intimate relationships with my family and friends.
i.e.  Keep in touch more often, set up outings together, be fully engaged when in their presence, express my feelings freely
4.  I am an accomplished, successful, and determined entrepreneur capable of the grandest possibilities that will profoundly enhance my income.
i.e.  Real effort = real outcomes of my goals, create more exceptional projects that gain national recognition, work on my business everyday, stay connected with my customers and fans

Enjoy 2011 and make the best out of your year!


  1. YES! Thats what I'm talking about, babe! I love this post. I'm there for you 110%!

  2. All are worthy goals! Keep on trukin! Love ya!MOM


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